What the heck is on anyway?

UPDATE 11/2/16 Yes - it's all working now. We have worked the kinks out with the new provider and the Guide does reflect the weekly schedule submissions. There is one exception, our Government channel changes nearly every day with additions so the guide but not be 100% accurate - but our web schedule always is: CH 27: http://cmcm.tv/gov-schedule

If you've been using the Guide on Comcast to find our programming, you've probably found it very confusing in recent weeks. We've been working with Tivo/Rovi on fixing the random errors for a couple months now and were just informed this week that Comcast had actually moved that service to another vendor entirely. Surprise! So, now we're working with the new vendor on the problems (once they return from their vacation that is). Yes, frustrating to be sure, but only a small part of our daily joy.

The best place to see what's actually on has always been our online schedules which are live up to the minute updates of what's being scheduled:
CH 26: http://cmcm.tv/community-schedule
CH 27: http://cmcm.tv/gov-schedule
CH 30: http://cmcm.tv/edu-schedule

When the Comcast Guide is actually working, it reflects only the schedule information sent the Friday before and schedules can only be sent once weekly. This is fine for listing our regular series, but our channels are living creatures and some of the programming can change daily. This is especially true for government channel schedules since these meetings change almost daily, so that guide information is never entirely complete.

As terrible as the guide has been lately (and our apologies to those of you trying to DVR specific programs), it has been operational and accurate for most of our stewardship of the Marin PEG channels. It's important to us that it works correctly and we're proud to be one of the few PEG centers in the country that actually has any Guide information up on the channels at all.