MARINSANITY Episode 54: Griffin Daley Tribute!

MARINSANTY Episode 54: Griffin Daley Tribute

This is a special tribute program for the late great comedic extraordinaire Sir Griffin Daley, who tragically passed earlier this year. He will be dearly missed but his legacy will live on forever!

Comedian Sue Alfieri had the honors of hosting in Sir Griffin’s place, with an awesome lineup of performers. Join the Bay Area's best and brightest talent for an evening of crazy funny stand-up comedy! Laughter guaranteed to help warm up the room on a chilly winter night!

Recording Date: Monday, December 11th

Host: Sue Alfieri
Comedians: AJ DeMello, Eerie Diamond, Mean Dave, Sarah Kharri, Oliver Graves


Community Channel: Comcast 26 / AT&T 99 Air Dates
Friday, December 22nd @ 10:00 PM
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