Occupy Marathon - Saturday Nov. 26

The Occupy movement is an international protest movement which is primarily directed against social and economic inequality, high unemployment, greed, as well as corruption, and the undue influence of corporations on government. Launched On September 17th, Occupy Wall Street quickly spread around the country and the world to more than 1000 locations. Misunderstood by the mainstream media on both sides of the spectrum, this fourteen hour video marathon features shorts produced within the movement itself, by participants and observers chronicling events firsthand. If you are uncertain what this movement is about - this series should enlighten.

All programs air on Channel 30, Sat. November 26th starting at noon until past midnight.
Tune in daily (M-F) on Channel 26 from 5:00pm t0 6:00 pm for new programs
Note: Some programs may contain mature language and police violence.

Occupy 1 Channel 30, 12:00 noon
Music video, Occupy Together, Who We Are, I am Not Moving, Street interviews

Occupy 2 Channel 30, 12:28 pm
Music videos, Scenes from a grassroots revolution, The Military arrives and they're on our side, Rep Cantor and Rep Kucinich, Susan Sarandon, Glass-Stegal Act, Deepak Chopra offers a meditation

Occupy 3 Channel 30, 12:56 pm
Protest for American Revolution, Occupation Blues, OWS Arrest testimony, Richard Wolf, Amy Goodman, Peter Yarrow.

Occupy 4 Channel 30, 1:24 pm
Day 8 Protests at OWS and Michael Moore at the general assembly.

Occupy 5 Channel 30, 1:55 pm
Day 12 Recap, Ricard Simmons, Jelani, the OWS Kitchen, March with Labor, Police violence, Sign Language, Anonymous, Occupy Los Angeles

Occupy 6 Channel 30, 2:22 pm
Occupy Marin October 12 - first OWS protest in San Rafael

Occupy 7 Channel 30, 2:53 pm
Occupy Marin Oct 15, interviews with Raging Grannies on Wall Street

Occupy 8 Channel 30, 3:21 pm
Interview with Hero, OWS Sanitation, community at OWS, Chris Hedges Interview, Bloomberg Backs Down.

Occupy 9 Channel 30, 3:49 pm
Bernadine the Nurse, Cornell West, Bob the Electrician, Interview with a Yogic Monk, OWS Vets, Lawrence Lessing, Living in Liberty Plaza, Naomi Klein, a OWS marriage proposal

Occupy 10 Channel 30, 4:17 pm
OWS Music; Rom Morello, Michael Franti, Justin Sane, Talib Kewli, BD and the Kid's Table

Occupy 11 Channel 30, 4:47 pm
OWS Chorus, US Marine vs NYPD, Cornell West arrested, General Assembly, We Have Found a Voice, Voices of OWS - Dwayne.

Occupy 12 Channel 30, 5:15 pm
We are the 99%, Police and Protestors, Consensus - Direct Democracy, Geberal Assembly at Wshington Square, MK Ultra, NYC Tour Bus Guides

Occupy 13 Channel 30, 5:44 pm
Morning Donation Run, Voices from OWS; Franz, Jaqueline, Jordan, Jonathan, OWS vs Tea Party, Rev. Billy, Wall Street Protest circa 1979

Occupy 14 Channel 30, 6:13 pm
Occupy Oakland, Danny Glover and Boots Riley at Oakland,

Occupy 15 Channel 30, 6:43 pm
Oakland Explodes Oct 25, Police attacks, Scott Olson, Boots Riley

Occupy 16 Channel 30, 7:12 pm
OWS NYC, Who are the Occupiers in your neighborhood, Woman of OWS, Police Presence, Occupy the DOE, Fox News Satire, video from 55 Occupied cities

Occupy 17 Channel 30, 7:42 pm
Oakland General Strike by CMCM, interviews, music and more.

Occupy 18 Channel 30, 8:11 pm
Other Oakland General Strike coverage, anarchy in the East Bay, interview and more.

Occupy 19/20 Channel 30, 8:41 pm
Cornell West, Chris Hedges and more at press conference/panel - 60min.

Occupy 21 Channel 30, 9:40 pm
Douglass Rushkoff, The Military at OWS, Crosby and Nash, Woman at OWS.

Occupy 22 Channel 30, 10:08 pm
Under one umbrella, This is what democracy looks like, Gov Walker mic checked, Mainland, Bill McKibben and Harry Belafonte

Occupy 23 Channel 30, 10:37 pm
Occupy Oakland General Strike - the aftermath

Occupy 24 Channel 30, 11:05 pm
OWS November 14, Eviction from Liberty Square, The morning after and more.

Occupy 25 Channel 30, 11:05 pm
New York, New York, Post Eviction OWS General Assembly, Retaking the park, Voice of veterans, Anatomy of an arrest, Marching Home.

Occupy 26 Channel 30, 12:05 am
Occupy Cal at Berkeley, Danial Elsberg, Robert Reich speaks to the assembly, Occupy SF, Eric Cantor gets mic checked

Occupy 27 Channel 30, 12:35 am
Why We're all here, Eviction, Captain Ray Lewis gets arrested, How to resist arrest, A common way of moving protestors, Solidarity March on Brooklyn Bridge, Projections.

Occupy 28 Channel 30, 1:03 am
Don't "f***" with my money, Occupy the Church, Right Here all Over, OWS Rap Anthem, Mia and Dan, Day of Action, The revolution is love.