Marinsomnia June 13th to June 17th

My Man Godfrey (1936)

A scatterbrained socialite hires a vagrant as a family butler...but there's more to Godfrey than meets the eye.

My Dear Secretary (1948)

Would-be writer Laraine Day takes a job as secretary to best-seller and playboy Kirk Douglas.

Hook, Line and Sinker (1930)

Two fast-talking insurance salesmen meet Mary, and they launch a phony PR campaign that presents her run down hotel as a resort favored by the rich.

Behave Yourself (1951)

When a cute Welsh terrier follows Bill home, little does he know that all gangland has its eye on him. Who will be bumbling Bill's undoing - the gangsters, the cops, or his suspicious mother-in-law?

A Bride for Henry (1937)

When a woman’s fiancé doesn’t show up on their wedding day, she marries her lawyer, Henry, to teach her fiancé a lesson. She intends to divorce him, but Henry is determined to win his "wife's" hand.