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CMCM 2017-18 Annual Report
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CMCM 2016-17 Annual Report
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As the 'designated access provider' for public, educational and governmental cable access services (PEG) in Marin, CMCM provides the Marin Telecommunications Agency (MTA) with numerous reports throughout the year. The annual report provides reporting on the previous year's activities, training, programming and other statistics as specified in our contract with the MTA. The MTA is a joint powers authority composed of ten Marin municipalities and the County of Marin that meets bi-monthly.

Archived Reports below:

CMCM 2015-16 Annual Report.pdf1.56 MB
CMCM 2014-15 Annual Report .pdf1.3 MB
CMCM 2013-14 Annual Report.pdf1.12 MB
CMCM 2012-13 Annual Report.pdf1.05 MB
CMCM 2011-12 Annual Report Part 1.pdf1 MB
CMCM 2011-12 Annual Report Part 2.pdf391.1 KB
CMCM 2010-11 Annual Report.pdf1.82 MB
CMCM 2009-10 Annual Report.pdf831.05 KB
CMCM 2008-09 Annual Report.pdf1001.07 KB