CMCM Artist in Residence

The Artist in Residence program is designed to host emerging artists by giving them an opportunity to experiment and develop new modes of working and thinking around public media.

The mission of CMCM’s residency program is to provide a productive and participatory workspace to foster dialog, collaboration, and cross-disciplinary interaction. By offering a residency program open to local, national, and international cultural artists, CMCM seeks to facilitate the exchange of ideas within and beyond the Bay Area artistic community. Public programs include artist talks, film screenings, art performances, and social events intended to stimulate informative and inspiring dialogues between residents and patrons of the arts.


  • To support and encourage artists to explore ideas and work within the context of community media
  • To provide artists with the opportunity and support necessary to take their work to the next level
  • To bring an international community of artists to the Bay Area and for an engaging cross-cultural exchange with artists and audiences


  • Facilities access: Training, editing lab, audio & video equipment, and HD TV studio
  • Video interview produced by CMCM
  • Poster and postcards designed and printed in-house
  • Printed ad in local newspapers
  • Complimentary hard drive and on-site secure storage for gear
  • CMCM Communications and Development Manager to act as a liaison between artist in residence and staff
  • Allocated airtime on Education Channel 30
  • Dedicated space in Private Editing Suite featuring Artist in Residence information
  • One month exhibit at the end of residency
  • Weekly in-house work-in-progress sessions
  • One year of CMCM membership

Selection Criteria

  • Merit of past work
  • Interest in working with new media, multimedia, and public access TV resources
  • Availability to engage with the residency experience at CMCM
  • Potential to develop creative practice and impact the community in Marin County and beyond

Selection Process

  • Review of applications by CMCM residency committee
  • Jury evaluation of each artist’s materials to select finalists
  • Invitation to finalists to present their work in a 20-minute phone or Skype interview for determination of final award selection

Get in contact if you are interested in learning more about the Artist in Residence program.