Dario D'Arrigo Board Statement

2013 Statement for Dario D'Arrigo seeking CMCM Member Board position

On which Board committee/s would you be interested in serving:
Board Development/Governance

Name any Boards or Advisory groups on which you have served in the past:
Canal Alliance; Canal Welcome Center; Grassroots Leadership Academy

As a board member, what areas below could you contribute expertise:

Fund Raising/Development, Strategic Planning, Marketing/Public Relations, Outreach/Community Development

Please list other Non-Profit/Board Experience:
Intel Clubhouse (2010-11), CFI Education (2010-present), CMCM Volunteer (2011-present)

Why do you want to serve on the CMCM Board of Directors?
I’ve been a member of CMCM for a number of years. Since I am directly involved with the media, specifically through my program “Encuentro Latino”, I am familiar with the environment and understand what will be expected of me as a board member. I’ve been working with the community, both leaders and general population, for over 13 years. Serving on the board will allow me to contribute my knowledge and past experiences to the society in a meaningful way. It also will allow me to expand my knowledge and increase my leadership potential.

What Relevant experience do you bring to this board position?
One of my best qualities is the ability to communicate with people from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds. My extensive experience with our immigrant community, and also being an immigrant myself, allows me to understand firsthand the needs and struggle of the people. My program “Encuentro Latino” has been called “The voice of our community” (La voz de nuestra comunidad), and this is exactly what defines who I am. This is the motto I live by. I am the messenger of the community. I am the link between the leaders and the followers.

What is your vision for CMCM and how will you achieve it?
My vision is to increase community participation in media projects and events. Especially, I would like to target the audience who for a number of reasons, including language barrier, is unable to benefit from organizations like CMCM and thus cannot provide enough support to the CMCM’s mission, which is “to educate and advance the way residents, schools, and governments connect and strengthen our communities through media.”

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